Focusing ~ Feldenkrais® ~ Dancing

A Focusing time without words. Engaging through Focusing, sound, dance and much more.

November 17, 2020 3:00 pm


  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Language: 
  • Geographical target: Global
  • Host/Presenter:  Katarina Halm
A focusing time without words.
Engaging in a collaboration through the lovely crossing
of focusing and sound and dance and much more.

Each person one by one is invited to be either in their chair or up on their feet, offering their own dance from their felt sense.

Those moments when we are not dancing, we could be moving with the dancer, receiving the dancer through our reflected movement.

A Sumo wrestler balances with a low center of gravity, a ballerina balances another way and a giraffe drinks from the water pond in yet another way
… perhaps enjoy page 27 and a bit before and after where
this is depicted in the book Moving from the Inside Out by Lesley McLennan, Julie Peck
7 Principles for Ease and Mastery in Movement–A Feldenkrais Approach.
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