Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®

A time with few words. Engaging through silence, sound, dance and more.

July 01, 2021 2:00 pm


~ Time to Dance ~
How can we bring Feldenkrais®, Focusing and Dance together?
Notes below are adapted with appreciation from Anne G who inspired the series. We continue monthly on the first Thursday at 7am Pacific. Perhaps simply step out and trust ourselves to be moved by an inner music.
What will allow us to step into space and share with each other from our felt sense in the way of a dance is something we will discover together.
We begin with an invitation to be in stillness. Slowly we move into movement sharing gestures with each other.
We develop how to share from our felt sense, offering a gesture with perhaps the support of a word or phrase, and pause.
We see what comes for us, as one by one people respond with a gesture from their felt sense. In time we open the ground for individuals to share in dance something that is in their heart.
After a pause, one by one, we respond with our own dance from our felt sense, and after another pause, we may respond as a group.
To close we may dance with each other with scarves, acknowledging in this way the sacredness of what we have created in our circle.
You are welcome just as you are, whether standing or sitting, or in repose, whether you think of yourself as a dancer or not, whether you are new to focusing or have practiced focusing for a long time.
May you find solace, inspiration, comfort, may you be safe, may you be well.
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